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PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), the platelet-rich plasma obtained after taking blood from a person and centrifuging the blood, is applied to the face according to the need; It is used to renew the skin, to give shine, and to strengthen the hair follicles in the hair. In this liquid obtained, there are millions of stem cells and growth factors. Since the patient's own tissues are used, it is a very natural, skin-stimulating, regenerative treatment.

Normally, when there is an injury in our body, there is an increase in blood flow to that area and an increase in platelets. Tissue is repaired with cells and growth factors released from the platelets here. With PRP, platelets are obtained at a rate and amount that cannot be provided with normal blood flow. Here, with PRP, an average of 2-4 times more platelet cells are given into the tissue, so repair and renewal are much more faster.

How is the PRP performed?

Several tubes of blood from a vein in your arm are centrifuged. In these centrifuges, after a while at high speed revolutions, blood cells called platelets, which provide blood clotting, are separated. These cells are then intermittently injected into the skin with a very fine needle. In this way, collagen and elastic fibers are stimulated. PRP application is just like a mesotherapy, filling application.

What is the purpose of the PRP Treatment?

PRP application was initially used mostly for cosmetic and anti-aging treatments, but recently it has been successfully applied in many areas from the treatment of tissue damage to musculoskeletal system diseases.

It gives elasticity and shine to the skin.

It has regenerative and restructuring effects.

All vital functions of the skin are supported in the subcutaneous tissue.

It strengthens the hair and prevents hair loss.

It prevents wrinkles and depressions that occur due to aging.

It provides restructuring of the skin in cases of wound and skin damage.

It provides rapid reconstruction of the damages that occur on the skin after applications such as laser.

It provides a non-surgical solution to Achilles tendon rupture.

In medical aesthetics, it is used in areas such as face, hand, arm, inner leg, neck and décolleté.

PRP application also provides effective results in the treatment of pain.

Although PRP is used in all of these areas, it is mostly used in practice to revitalize and renew the skin and strengthen hair follicles.

In non-aesthetic applications, PRP is used as an accelerator in cases such as dental applications, orthopedic disorders, sports injuries, tendon disorders, non-healing wounds.

In Which Areas Is PRP Treatment Applied?

Under normal conditions, when a damage occurs in our tissues, platelets are collected in this area in line with the reaction that occurs in the body, and thus the repair process begins. In undamaged tissues, however, platelets are few in number and inactive. In this regard, there is a 2-4 fold increase in the number of platelets in the tissue where PRP application is performed, and these platelets become active with the slight damage caused by the application. Thus, an effective and safe option is provided for the regeneration of the area where PRP is applied.

After the PRP treatment applied to the skin, a bright and healthy appearance can be achieved. occurring on the skin; It is applied for problems such as sagging, wrinkles, loss of elasticity, decrease in collagen, as well as for under-eye bruises and skin whitening procedures. In addition, PRP is an effective application especially in the treatment of spots that occur during pregnancy. The application of PRP, which shows improvement in many areas of the skin, also plays an effective role in the treatment of acne and scars in terms of its rejuvenating nature.

PRP treatment in chronic non-healing wounds; It provides effective and fast results. The thrombocyte-rich structure of the blood makes it an effective method in the treatment of non-healing wounds that turn into a chronic condition by healing tissue damage. Rapid and effective treatment of tissue damage can be achieved through application rich in platelets and healing can be achieved in non-healing wounds.

PRP treatment in cellulite and stretch marks; Cellulite and cracks can be eliminated by providing tissue regeneration with PRP application.

PRP treatment in terms of stopping hair loss and protecting hair health; PRP treatment is applied to ensure the formation of healthy tissue in the hair follicles or the restructuring of hair tissues that have become unhealthy as a result of traumas for various reasons. Since hair health cannot be kept independent from the health of the tissues and hair follicles they have, we can say that PRP treatment, which provides regeneration of hair follicles and hair tissues, has an important place in these cases.

PRP treatment in joint and muscle diseases; It provides fast and successful results. The main problem in joint and muscle diseases is the damage to the tissues. What causes these problems to turn into diseases is the lack of improvement in these damages in the tissues. PRP is an effective method in the treatment of joint and muscle diseases, with the role of platelets in secreting growth factors that provide healing of tissue damage.


What are the Side Effects of PRP Treatment?

PRP has no obvious side effects, there may be bruising at the place where the blood is drawn, slight redness and swelling in the places where the needle is inserted. Since PRP is completely compatible with the body, it does not cause allergies. Therefore, it is very easy to apply and has very few side effects.

When are results observed in PRP Treatment?

A few days after the application, the skin becomes bright and shiny. Later, this effect becomes more pronounced with repeated applications. A longer time is required for the effect of regenerating the skin and reducing wrinkles. Since PRP acts by stimulating the person's own tissues, the effect becomes more pronounced over time.

Can PRP treatment be perfomed together with other treatments?

PRP treatment can be combined with other applications such as filler, botulinum toxin, laser, peeling, etc., depending on your situation. Your doctor will determine this situation according to your needs.