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  • Procedure Time
    1,1.5 hours
  • Overnight stay
    1-2 nights
  • Anaesthesia
  • Recovery Time
    1 Month

Male Pectoral Implant Placement (Male chest aesthetics)

Pectoral implant is the male version of breast aesthetics in women, that is, it is a special chest implant treatment applied to men. These implants are specially prepared according to the chest muscle shape of men and aim to achieve the aesthetic chest appearance in men.

Since shaped and protruding chest muscles represent health, strength and attractiveness in men, the aesthetic appearance of the chest area and therefore its operations are being performed on more and more male patients.

What is male pectoral implant surgery?

Pectoral implant operation is a surgical intervention. In fact, the chest muscle implant (pectoral implant), which has a completely different structure and consistency than the silicone-filled gel implants applied to women, is usually performed by placing it behind the chest muscle with the help of an incision made under the armpit and then the incision is closed with dissolvable or removable stitches. (Removable stitches come out in one to two weeks.) These implants are very hard and durable and safe that can be used for a lifetime. They are not easily affected by impact.

What do pectoral implants feel like?

Pectoral implants are designed to feel firm, like muscle.

How long do pectoral implants last?

Unless you take them out, pec implants are long-lasting. They may last 20 years. They tend to last longer when you choose a surgeon with experience in pectoral implantation.

If you’re not satisfied with the results or your implants shift, talk to your surgeon about possible solutions. One option is to remove the implants. You may choose to go without pec implants or try a different size or shape.

Pectoral Implants and Gynecomastia Treatment

Gynecomastia, characterized by excess breast tissue or fat in the chest area, is often treated with liposuction. When combined with pectoral implants, this treatment not only removes excess tissue but also enhances the chest's muscular definition. This dual procedure is particularly beneficial for patients seeking both reduction in breast tissue and an increase in muscle mass.

Are there alternatives to pectoral implants?

A fat transfer or fat grafting is a less invasive way to give the chest more volume and shape. The results should last a lifetime.

During this operation, your surgeon:

Uses liposuction to remove fat deposits from your buttocks, abdomen or other parts of your body.

Removes impurities from the fat cells using a centrifuge device.

Injects the purified fat cells into your pectoralis muscle area, including the muscles.

What are other names for pectoral implants?

These terms also known for pectoral implants:

Male chest enhancement.

Male pec implants.

Muscle augmentation (enlargement).

Pectoral augmentation.

Pectoral enhancement.

Am I a good candidate for pectoral implant surgery?

The ideal candidate for a pectoral implant procedure is someone who:

-Is exercising and strength training to build chest muscles.

-Has fully formed adult muscles.

-Doesn’t smoke (nicotine increases your risks of surgical complications and slows healing).

-Has realistic expectations.

-has jinecomastia or deformity in the chest area

-had experienced an accident or trauma and chest area is traumatized or deformed.( In cases where chest muscle development is hindered by trauma, surgery, or impact, pectoral implants offer a restorative solution, helping patients regain a natural and aesthetically pleasing chest contour.)

How is Pectoral Implant Operation Process?

Before the treatment, necessary tests and face-to-face doctor consultation are performed by specialist physicians. The procedure and the operation plan are explained to the patient. Planning is made in accordance with the patient's wishes and body needs.

It is mostly performed under general anesthesia. In this way, the patient's impact during the procedures is minimized. Pectoral implant operation begins with the help of an incision made under the armpit.

After the chest muscle is placed in the back part, a bandage is applied. On average, the process is completed after 1 to 1.5 hours.

Hard silicone implants are placed in the posterior part of the muscle and are ensured to stay in place without any problems. Since there will be no tissue hardening here, it is not expected to cause any problems in the future.

It is frequently requested by men who want their chest area to be more attractive. It is certain that it will be a more masculine stance.

After Pectoral Implant Operation

Currently, muscle conditions can be controlled by starting light exercises after a week. There is no harm in doing upper body exercises in the third week.

It is recommended that the person continue his work more carefully. By the sixth week, heavy bodybuilding programs can be started.

Pectoral Implant Operation Down Time

Time off work is usually between 2 weeks or up to 5 months, depending on the nature of job. No heavy lifting with the arm greater than 15 pounds for the first 5 months is allowed after surgery. Generally, the pain is mostly resolved by 6 months after surgery.

Follow Up Appointments

After your operation, you will meet with your surgeon for a number of follow-up appointments. These appointments are an opportunity to monitor your progress throughout recovery, check incisions, and offer care and treatment where necessary. These consultations will be used to help ensure you are as comfortable as possible during your downtime.


Risks / Benefits of Pectoral Implant

What are the benefits of pec implants?

-Create a more contoured chest.

-Add volume to your chest.

-Make the left and right sides of your chest more symmetrical.

-Treat defects that affect how your chest looks.

What are the risks of pectoral implant surgery?

In rare instances, a pec implant may move or shift. This can give your chest an asymmetrical appearance. You’ll need surgery to reposition the implant.

Pectoral implant surgery also carries a risk of:

-Allergic reaction to anesthesia or the implant.

-Bleeding, bruising and blood clots.

-Build-up of scar tissue around the implant.


Muscle spasms.

-Nerve damage and numbness.

-Skin discoloration, sensitivity and swelling (usually caused by edema).

What results should I expect from a pectoral implant?

Most of the swelling will subside in six weeks. It can take three to six months for the swelling to subside completely. Then, you’ll be able to see the full results. While most people who get pec implants seem happy with the results, some aren’t. They may think that the implants look unnatural. Or they may feel that the implants give a more traditionally feminine — instead of masculine — appearance. You can discuss follow-up corrective options with your specialized surgeon.

How Much Do Male Pectoral Implants Cost?

The price tag can vary depending on a few factors:

Surgeon's fees: Experience and expertise play a big role.

Facility fees: Where the surgery takes place can impact the overall cost.

Type of implant: Silicone or fat transfer will have different price points.

Airport Transfer and Hotel: These additional services also may add up to the price.

What’s Included In Pectoral Implants Surgery Cost

The price you are quoted after your first consultation includes:

Surgeon and nurses fees

Compression garments

Anaesthetic and anaesthetist fees

The cost of your implants

Your personalised treatment plan and preoperative assessment

Follow-up appointments

Airport Transfer and Hotel Fees

Are Pectoral Implants Worth It?

For men who feel self-conscious of the undersized appearance of their chest, pectoral augmentation can offer a valuable solution. For many men, exercise can be insufficient for enhancing the pectoral muscles, particularly in men born with congenital deformities. Implants can offer a permanent improvement to volume and definition that looks and feels as natural as real pectoralis muscle.

In the hands of the right surgeon, pec implants can completely transform the overall appearance of the chest, helping to build greater confidence in your physique.

When Will I See The Results?

The increased volume of your pecs will be noticeable immediately after surgery, but the final results should become apparent after six months – this is the time it takes for all residual swelling to subside and for the implants to settle into their final position.

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