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What is a Hair Laser?

Hair is the most important aesthetic accessory for both women and men. The structure and shape of our hair is very important to have an impressive appearance and feel good. However, unhealthy living conditions brought by modern life, stress, genetic factors, advanced age, thyroid disease, iron and vitamin D deficiency can cause hair loss. Hair loss, which is seen as the weakening and thinning of hair strands and the complete opening of some areas, causes a decrease in people's motivation and self-confidence, and therefore their quality of life. Here is the hair laser, without leaving the daily life of people who have weakened hair or hair loss and without leaving their loved ones; it ensures that the hair is always dreamed of with a healthy, painless and safe method Hair laser treatment thickens thinned hair, stops shedding and supports hair growth.

The question of what a hair laser is and how it can offer a solution to hair loss can be briefly answered as follows: Hair laser is a healthy, safe method that increases blood circulation in the hair area, under the skin, by using up-to-date technology laser devices, thus strengthening the existing hair, and triggering and accelerating hair regrowth in balding areas. and an effective treatment method.

How is Hair Laser applied?

First of all, consultation and hair analysis are performed by a specialist dermatologist. The number and frequency of sessions are determined according to the hair structure of the person and the degree of shedding. Then, tiny tiny channels are opened on the hair area with a dermapen, and a serum that accelerates the growth and nutrition of the hair is applied. The serum is fed to the scalp with a massage. Afterwards, the blood circulation in that area is accelerated by shooting into the capillaries that have lost their function under the scalp with the laser device. The nourishing serum increases the effectiveness of the laser application. Laser beams penetrating deep into the skin through the opened channels, stimulate inactive hair follicles and trigger protein synthesis and cell regeneration.

Hair laser treatment supports both the development of new hair follicles and the strengthening and thickening of existing hair. In the first stage, it is applied twice a week in 20-minute sessions. Although it varies from person to person, visible results can be obtained in a total of 10 sessions (within 3-4 months), once a week. In order to achieve the desired effect, hair laser treatment is recommended to be applied for at least 6 months. Thanks to hair laser treatment, which gives very successful results in both women and men, people can have bushy and full hair completely painlessly, comfortably and safely.

Hair laser is an effective method on its own, or it can be applied in combination with hair transplant treatment. When it is done for 15 days to 1 month before hair transplantation, it provides highly productive results above the expected. In addition, hair laser treatment performed 1 month after hair transplantation helps the transplanted hair to grow faster and to hold on at a rate of 90-95% (this rate is between 70-80% in hair transplantation not supported by laser). Hair laser treatment offers a very effective and ideal solution for those who want the transplanted hair to grow much earlier and thicker after hair transplantation.

Is Hair Laser preferred for women?

Especially in women, hair laser provides a solution to a large extent, the transplantation is usually left for the last. The primary aim is to activate the structure that can be strengthened, to stop shedding, to make the hair more lively, shiny and of high quality. Hair loss in women is 60-65 percent genetic. In addition, goiter hormone, female hormone, vitamin deficiencies, element deficiencies such as iron, zinc and selenium have a significant rate in hair loss in women. For this reason, when the person arrives, he or she is first taken into the research. Deficiencies are detected, if it is a hormonal situation, treatment is planned by working with a gynecologist. Hair laser is also applied in this direction.

If we take a look at the treatments used in hair treatment in women; It is possible to count PRP, Growth Factor treatment and serum and laser treatment developed by Esteworld. It is seen that there is an increase in the quality and density of the hair in a period of 6 months in laser treatment.

Great Success in Combined Treatments

Hair Laser can be applied alone or in combination with treatments such as Hair Mesotherapy, Autologous Micro Graft, Hair Transplantation. In this way, more successful results are obtained in a much shorter time.

Another area where it is most frequently used is hair transplantation. It is possible to achieve more successful results than Hair Transplantation with laser hair treatment. By strengthening the donor area with a hair laser, it can be planted with stronger roots in planting.

Laser hair treatment is recommended to patients about one month after hair transplantation. Laser therapy, which provides cellular stimulation to the transplanted roots, increases the better nutrition of the hair follicles and the success of the transplant.