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  • Procedure Time
    2-3 hours
  • Overnight stay
    3 nights
  • Anaesthesia
  • Recovery Time
    6-12 Months

Breast Lift Surgery

Sagging breasts and soft breasts are among the most uncomfortable issues for women. The breast tissue does not contain muscle and consists only of fat and milk glands. Therefore, due to aging, frequent weight gains and loss, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and the use of the wrong bra, breasts may lose their upright appearance over time.

For the reasons stated above, sagging can occur in the breasts. As a result, women feel uncomfortable in terms of aesthetics. Many women are looking for various solutions for breast sagging. At this point, "Breast Uplifting" surgery offers permanent solutions to breast sagging problems.

What is Breast Lift?

Breast Lift is a type of surgical operation performed to recover the sagging breast. As mentioned above, breast sagging can occur due to many factors. Especially when the skin loses its elasticity, the shape of the breast changes and sagging occurs. Thanks to breast lift surgeries, these problems are reduced or completely eliminated.

What are the methods used in Breast Lift Aesthetics?

First of all, in Breast Uplifting surgeries, the rate and size of the sagging breasts are evaluated. Therefore, the surgical procedure to be preferred in breast uplifting aesthetics is clearly determined. According to the patient's breast condition, different techniques can be applied in breast uplifting treatment.

Slightly loose and sagging breasts: In this type of breast, the ring-shaped excess around the nipple is removed, and the nipple is lifted up slightly. If the sagging of the breasts is low and the size is not too much, a drop silicone prosthesis is used to enlarge the breasts before the breast is erected.

Medium and High level loose, sagging breasts: Two different procedures can be performed for this type of breasts. Excess skin on the nipple is removed in a ring, and the breast area is collected from under the breast tissue. If the sagging is severe, the same application is applied to the nipple again, but this time the breast will recover towards the bottom.

What are the risks of Breast Lift Surgery?

As with any surgical operation, breast uplifting operations also include some risks. Although precautions are taken against the threats that may be experienced in all surgeries, undesired situations may arise from time to time. Some situations can be experienced during and after breast uplifting surgery. We can list some negative situations that may occur during and after facelift surgery as follows:




Surgery scars

Stiffness and delays in recovery in the chest area after surgery

Asymmetry in the breasts

Allergic reactions

The situations listed above are some of the risks that may occur during or after breast uplifting surgery. However, we would like to state again that these risks are unlikely to occur as long as the right physician and the right clinic are selected. With the advances in medical technology, many surgeries have become very reliable nowadays.

The Process After Breast Lift Operation

After breast uplifting treatment, there are some scars left in the breast, but these scars are not visible unless they are carefully checked. Surgical scars remaining after breast uplifting surgeries performed with current techniques and materials are seen at a minimal level. The visibility of these scars, which may occur especially in people with brown skin, is very low.